Продам: Precise 50mW 515nm Forest Green Line Laser Alignment - Купить: Precise 50mW 515nm Forest Green Line Laser Alignment, Мары - Продажа: Промышленное оборудование Мары - 2932356



Precise 50mW 515nm Forest Green Line Laser Alignment - Промышленное оборудование

Код: 2932356 Создано: 21-12-2020 10:35

Цена: 40 манат

Продам, предлагаю: Промышленное оборудование, Туркменистан, Мары

When users are much puzzled with getting highly clear and fine enough line projection, either it is pointing at long work distance or other high lighting working occasion, it is just a very special experience to use a 50mW 515nm forest green line laser alignment. It is operating without any relying on manual labor force input, but always making easy and immediate green laser beam and green line projection immediately after its connects with a DC input power supply. This 50mW 515nm green line laser alignment is not as bright as a 532nm green DPSS laser. However, its direct diode emission always makes sure of even more stable and reliable forest green line projection. The special use of glass coated lens or separate crystal lens ensures high straightness forest green line projection. After production of various line lengths within 0.5 meter to 6 meters, this laser line generator assures no barrier and no mistake line measurement in all occasions. Technical data Item: Berlinlasers 50mW 515nm forest green line laser alignment Laser class: IIIb Optic lens: 10-110 degree glass coated lens, separate crystal lens Line lengths: 0.5 meter to 6 meters Line fineness: 0.3mm@10cm, 1mm-2mm@2 meters Power source: 9V 1000mA AC/DC adapter Applications: sand milling, lumber machine, laser medical therapy device, textile garment processing etc http://www.berlinlasers.com/515nm-forest-green-line-laser-alignment

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